Saturday, January 12, 2013

Camu Camu and Reishi Mushroom - A Wonderful Marriage for Boosting Immunity!

I can personally attest to the value and efficacy of CAMU CAMU POWDER in warding off so-called colds and flu.  Although I'm just getting to the REISHI MUSHROOMS, a trusted friend is the one who turned me on to both herbs, and she has received great results from both. 

Here's some LINKS, for your review:


Saturday, September 8, 2012

I Am...

I used to dance for attention.  I have a gift for improvisational movement and for many years, I used it to attempt to get love from the outside through my dancing.  A man I used to be in a relationship with "shamed" me for this behavior, and it prompted me to stop dancing.  I was dancing to get approval and I stopped dancing to get this person's approval -- initially.  Though it was not good that another person's opinion dictated what I did or did not do, this particular incident caused me to really examine what I was doing, and why,  I consider it a Divine Intervention.  I stopped performing as a dancer for a few years, and it was for the best.  When I did dance in public again, I was not focused on dancing for the approval of others, and my dance was much more authentic, as a result..

The other day, I hear the "Second Lady" Jill Biden mention being a teacher is "who I am."  At first, I had a problem with that statement, because I am still in the process of examining the balance of "what I do" and "who I am."  Insight  from a very dear friend helped me see when the ego is entangled in the act of what we're doing, the act is inauthentic.  In other words, if you're doing something -- dancing, for example -- and after you do your dance, you're looking up to see how people are reacting to what you're doing, that is very different than dancing with no concern that you're even being noticed. 

So if Dr. Biden is teaching and not seeking approval for the fact that she's teaching, it means she is a teacher regardless.  If I'm dancing and I feel fulfillment from moving in a room by myself, then dance is truly part of My Being.  It does not depend on others to exist, or to be valid.  It simply IS.

Sunday, September 25, 2011


When I first embarked on this journey (accepting the "lady in blue" role in the UpRise! Productions for colored girls who have considered suicide when the rainbow is enuf), I admit to feeling a bit uneasy concerning the extended rehearsal hours and the initial meager wage offerings. Not to mention, my car was on the fritz, forcing me to use public transportation to get to and from rehearsals for the first few weeks. Lots (LOTS) of memorization, along with movement/gestures which at times, didn't feel "congruent." I don't normally do other people's work; it's very different memorizing what comes out of your own brain, as opposed to memorizing someone else's thoughts (Ntozake Shange's work is not your typical read!) and internalizing a director's interpretation of a script. And I had never worked with the Director before (Zell Miller III); I'd seen some of his work and know him through the spoken-word community, but I had no idea of what to expect of him as a Director...

A fundraiser and an amazing held-over run to standing ovation audiences later, I'm glad I took the leap! First of all, the 6 women I shared the stage with are AMAZING!! Consummate performers onstage, and plain ol' GOOD PEOPLE, on and offstage. We received spectacular reviews from the two major publications/arts reviewers in town. My performance efforts (acting/dance/vocals) even received a special "nod" from the Austin Chronicle! SEE LINK: And as Director, Zell proved himself creative, innovative, and more importantly, respectful and tactful in getting what he needed from the cast members. I had a pleasant experience working with him.

I went from feeling a bit apprehensive about the process to feeling melancholy and empty the morning after the final curtain; even shedding a few tears because the production -- the MAGIC -- had come to an end...

EXCITING NEWS!! It's quite possible the production may be coming to a theater NEAR YOU! Stay tuned for details!!

Pictured, the cast of "for colored girls..." from LEFT to RIGHT: Chelsea Manasseri/lady in purple, Whitney Burleson/lady in orange, Ebony Stewart/lady in red, Chandra Washington/lady in blue, Patricia Robinson/lady in yellow, Sade Jones/lady in green, Minerva Villa/lady in brown

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


On June 11, 2011 at the State Theater in Austin, Texas, the Healing Caravan opened for the legendary Last Poets, as part of the 2011 Black Arts Movement Festival (BAM), hosted annually by ProArts Collective.

The best Healing Caravan performance to date!! I'm my biggest critic and I can honestly say I feel very pleased with the performance. And the audience response was overwhelmingly positive! Here's some comments from audience participants, and those who viewed the video:

"...An important, empowering message!"

"You need to take that on the road!"

"...Profound, educational, and emotional. I also thought it was completely innovative and original. Congratulations! I'm glad I made the decision to go. I think I will remember that "Perfect" piece forever."

"Your stellar performance is recorded in my mind. Great show!"

"Congrats Chandra! Wonderful work!"

"It was too short; the audience was hollerin' for more!"

"That was so awesome! Love the dance and movement. The lighting was really cool. Whole thing was top notch and did make me want to see more. I can certainly see it expanded on tour."

"Excellent job!"

I'm in the process of soliciting agents and presenters. My desire is to tour the performance to play festivals, concert halls, college campuses, and health expos. If you can assist me in this, Holla Back!!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Child & Mother Cured of Lupus (No "Big Deal")

Last month (November, 2010), Dr. Sebi asked me to open up for a lecture he was doing in Washington, D.C. with some of my poetry; poetry on the subject of health and healing. Arriving at the venue, we were immediately approached by a lovely Sister who began to weep at the sight of Sebi. I'm wondering, "What's her problem?" My initial thought was that she was on some "groupie" trip; but then I was humbled to learn she was crying because Sebi's herbal compounds cured her daughter of the debilitating disease known as Lupus. I later learned the woman was also cured of the disease as a result of taking the compounds and adopting the recommended dietary regimen. The picture posted is of the family; the child and woman cured, along with the father/husband and Dr. Sebi.

What's interesting about this is, Sebi had never met the woman, or her family. She received Sebi's herbal compounds from his Los Angeles office, and administered them herself. There were other testimonies that night, as well.

Before I left for this trip, I received a phone call from someone I know who is suffering with the disease known as Leukemia. The person had already ordered the necessary herbal compounds from Sebi's Los Angeles office, but was not taking advantage of them. The person called, sobbing over the phone, fearing death because their condition had become dire. I told the person to stop "sitting" on the Maya iron compound; to DOWN bottle-after-bottle, and to pull it together emotionally, to keep the attitude optimistic (necessary for the healing process). Having to leave for D.C. the following day, I would not know how the person would fare.

Checking my e-mails upon my return, I received a message from one of the person's colleagues who said the person had made a remarkable recovery; that the new regime of diet and herbs revived him to the point he was back to work a few days after taking the compounds.

What the person saw as "remarkable" is actually no big deal. I understand why Sebi said he didn't feel he accomplished anything "grand" when he cured his first AIDS patient, because as "remarkable" as it sounds, he didn't do anything remarkable; all he did was develop herbal compounds that cleanse the diseased host and rebuilds the tissue damaged by the disease. We are conditioned to believe this is "remarkable"; indoctrinated to believe disease is in control, and our only recourse is to "manage" the disease with toxic drugs at best, and await our eventual demise. I said BULLSHIT to that when I was a teenager, realizing no one can know more about what I need for my body than ME. I was indoctrinated like the rest of society, but somehow I managed to escape the consensus that we're at the mercy of doctors and disease. I became truly sick an' tired of bein' sick an' tired, and began my quest to heal myself of whatever was ailing me back in 1974.

We're so conditioned, we make excuses as to why we can't heal ourselves. "It's genetic" is one of the most common ones. It may be true that a disease is prevalent in the family line, but so are the diet and lifestyle habits. Whatever is being consumed is "attaching" itself to the genetic makeup; strengtening or weakening it. So-called "genetic" diseases can and have been reversed. Many times.

I've personally met people cured not only of Lupus, but also of Cancer, Diabetes, Arthritis, various STD's, Infertility, Hair Loss, and Schizophrenia. I've reversed several conditions myself, one recently being Pancreatitis. It really is no "big deal"; this may amaze -- even anger some of you, but it won't prevent me from announcing the truth. There are NO "incurable" diseases -- ONLY incurable PEOPLE. Sebi was simply able to see OUTSIDE of the conditioning; allopathic medicine has no cures for disease because their premise and methodology does not and cannot produce any cures. Sebi's compounds are successful in curing disease because they were not created based on the tried and untrue methods of the allopaths.

Goes with the old saying, "To get a different result, you have to do a different thing." That's all.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Life Happens FOR ME; NOT "To Me"

Happy to report I'm doing much better. While the things OUTSIDE of me have not changed much, what has changed is MY ATTITUDE; the thoughts I harbor INSIDE.

In truth, because my inside has changed, I see positive things manifesting outside of me. I've committed myself to remaining as calm and peaceful as possible. I don't worry about finances like I did in the past and so far, I have everything I need. The big test in this area always comes when the bank account starts looking "slight." I'm DETERMINED not to "push the panic button." Opportunities present themselves "out of the blue"; in other words, I rarely implement them, yet they appear.

When things occur that I did not expect (sometimes things I didn't want to happen the way that they did), lately I've taken to adopting the attitude that the situation is actually moving me to a better position than I anticipated. And every time, when I allowed myself to "go with it," I received benefits I did not anticipate and would not have received if I had remained stuck in the way I wanted things to go.

This attitude adjustment is MAJOR for me! I was such a "control freak" in my past life; consequently while I had this "happy face" on the outside, I was in a constant state of various levels of depression. I remember reading a journal entry of mine from over 20 years ago that complained of the same issues I was having in my recent past! This plunged me DEEPER into depression. I was literally at the "do or die" stage. Two things happened to get me to where I am now: 1) I saw a video of a young man with NO LIMBS; just a "flipper" of a foot, and he was HAPPY and FULL OF LIFE; using his life to motivate others. 2) I realized nothing is being done TO ME; I am SOLELY RESPONSIBLE for my emotional well-being -- regardless to what's happening outside me. I have the option TO CHOOSE HAPPINESS; nothing's going to "make me happy." Only I control that. And that level of control comes from MY BRAIN.

I heard or saw this saying, "Life happens FOR ME."

I saw this statement as the ultimate tool in attitude shifting.
Also, I realized there's no need to rush things; ALL is in Divine Order.
These things have lifted SOOO much STRESS off of me!

So whatever happens (or doesn't happen) I know it is for my Divine Good.
I'm much happier now, because my Life is happening FOR me, and I made that choice!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Diet and Depression (Making the Connection, for Liberation)

Haven't blogged for a while. Depression, and my means of keeping my head above it has kept me away. Journaled (pen to paper) on occasion. Fought like hell to try to relax, meditate, and Have Faith. Beginning to realize my judgment about the very process prevents me from allowing; whatever's begging to be noticed in my brain, I find it's better to simply allow it. Don't fight it. When I judge it, then the struggle ensues.

Wasn't planning to write this. Didn't know how I was going to maneuver this latest bout; especially since I felt like my latest relaxing, healing getaway had put me back on track. Seems as soon as I declare something, I am invariably challenged to stand up to it. Almost didn't pass the test.

The thing is, "shit" invariably happens. The test is, how will I choose to respond to it?

One negative response to a given scenario is all it takes seemingly, for me. It's like somebody trying cocaine for the first time, and getting hooked. Or in my case, my former "drug of choice" was sugar. I would detox and would be feeling fine... Until I came into proximity of some sugary treat of my choice and take a taste. Leading to another taste; and another, until I find myself on a runaway freight train! I find myself out of control, and all the adverse effects would return including weight fluctuation, skin eruptions, stress/anxiety, and sluggishness in energy and in my digestive system.

Until recently, I felt I had to stay out of social settings, because EVERYBODY eats sugar and starch. Now, what others are doing doesn't affect me like that anymore. I simply think of the affect ingesting it will have on my body, and that's enough. Besides, I'm not obsessed with food as I was in my past; I don't feel I'm "missing out" or that other people are getting something I'm "not allowed." To the contrary, now I feel liberated; special that I don't have to be a "lemming" and follow what everybody else is doing, to my detriment. I feel that if others around me only knew; if they could kick their unconscious addiction, they'd be a lot better-off too! They'd be able to finally get a handle on the allergies, yeast infections, weight gain, digestive disorders, lack of energy, stress/neurosis, and numerous other afflictions...

NOW -- as I'm writing this, I'm realizing what triggered my relapse! Winter and cold caused me to veer away from eating predominantly raw. When it's colder, I allow myself some cooked foods, (mostly pureed soups); the heaviest I might go is a little quinoa with lightly-sauteed greens. But this season, I was eating things I don't normally eat. Like bread. I NEVER eat wheat, but even eating whole sourdough rye and at one point kamut (which I'm not accustomed to eating), it was still not something my body was agreeing to. I felt it primarily in my digestive and nervous system. No surprise, in that they are very-much connected.

Reuniting with relatives recently helped me realize how fortunate I am to have the health that I do manage to maintain. I also felt sad and a bit frustrated that my family members seem to accept poor health as a fact of life, not realizing they are addicted (just as I am -- I'm simply a recovering addict) to a diet of DEATH. This is why they behave as if they aren't intelligent enough to make the connection that what they are putting in their mouths as "food" is methodically KILLING THEM. It's not about being "intelligent" enough, because these people aren't "stupid" -- THEY'RE ADDICTED. HOWEVER -- the problem with this level of unconscious addiction is that eventually, that stuff they're eating as "food" WILL eventually create a "dumbing-down" effect in the brain, because the constant consumption of uric, lactic, and carbonic acid (in meat, milk, and starch products, respectively) is already eroding the cell structure of the central nervous system; not to mention creating plaque deposits and blockages in other parts of the body.

How was I able to escape it? How was I able to see something different? I am from the same "cloth" as they are. This is just one of the many mysteries of My Life. I just feel ever-so-grateful this particular aspect of alternative living was revealed to me. At least with my present state of health (such that it is), it affords me strength, energy, stamina and in affect, buys me more time to continue my Journey of Self-Discovery. ('Cause I ain't out of the woods, either!)